Love Yoga – Day 25 – Return With The Elixir | Ali Kamenova

The tressure is our presents, skills, achievements, knowledge and sharing that with the world.
Vinyasa with FLOOR ABS
Fewer poses that contain the wrists and shoulders.

Class 26 will likely be 68 minutes lengthy.

Free on-line yoga class. Dwelling exercise.
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Let’s Movement with Ease and Power

Get pleasure from this video. I would love to listen to from you.
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27 thoughts on “Love Yoga – Day 25 – Return With The Elixir | Ali Kamenova”

  1. Beautiful class of balance and grace! I have been practicing with you for 5 years now!! I found this class to be a challenge with a few simple modifications. I Love classes easily modified to any level because I can fully explore the range – like crow – I can hold it but it was so fun to rock back and forth and practice one leg at a time – a new kind of way of thinking about it – i have learned from you that level of strength or complexity is not the true challenge- you can get stuck in doing the same “difficult” pose over and over with no real edge – you have taught me that the variety is the challenge because it challenges the patterns of the mind/body and requires mental shifts and physical dexterity which is exactly what is needed on our heroic journey through life – namaste wise teacher 🙏

  2. The name for this class is PERFECT. I have been feeling quite depressed these past couple weeks and just have been in a funk but this has rejuvenated me, showing me that I am capable and I am strong. Thank you Ali, truly a beautiful class!

  3. Hi again. Meant to request something for TOM or Aunt FLO….time of month. Some people name it otherwise but for those days where it is just HEAVY and it's feeling hard to move–I realize the need to honor our bodies and perhaps just rest those days but the older I get, I'm noticing those days are a bit harder. It definitely helps to have a consistent yoga practice and exercise when life is flowing with you but sometimes, the current is a bit stronger and the consistency drops off.

  4. This elixir could NOT have been more perfect today. I love warrior III with the chest expansion to keep the shoulders and chest in the proper alignment while balancing and stretching–so fabulous. Reminding me to breathe through my nose during all the lovely ab/core work helped me tap into core, reminding my neck to get the heck out of it–elbows back helps too. Thank you for reminding me that I do have things to offer the world-sometimes those days are harder to reframe the mind–paramount in finding happiness. Always searching the soul. Need to stop looking for perfection, like you always say!!!! love, gratitude and blessings, Ali and all

  5. This was one of my favorite classes! Sometimes it's difficult to do a regular practice after work, so this was perfect for my busy mind! The biggest challenge was the side leg raises during the warrior three pose. Staying aligned was a little difficult. Looking forward to the remaining classes c:

  6. I’m almost done! Had a few setbacks, but I’m going to finish. This was such a beautiful class, one of my favorites. Thank you Ali! You are a huge blessing to me me😘

  7. Loving the variety of this LOVE challenge! It is like and adventure, I’m thrilled with this journey we have been Sharing together. You rock Ali! Thank you very much for all the love you are and spread…Namaste!

  8. Love this workout and your philosophy. This series has been cathartic for me. Even though I started later than most, I think the timing was just right for me. Thank you for providing healing and wisdom. Much love.

  9. I always love the sense of play and I also loved the focus on the abdominals! Every class is unique and challenging and I never know what to expect. You truly teach us to go with the flow. As a former fitness instructor and eternal fitness enthusiast, I realize what how difficult it is to make things new, interesting, informative and entertaining. You do that for us and more!1 NAMASTE and thank you so much!

  10. That is, hands down, my favorite class opener. Warrior three…chair to warrior three in this case. It always grabs my focus and centers me immediately! Fun class Ali. I am sweaty! I really enjoyed the whole ab sequence. They went well BTW…so glad the abs remained intact during all of the recovery time! As ever, thanks for messing up my hair and giving me armpit rings! Love ya for that!!! xoxox, Lolly

  11. Enjoyed this class very much. This different type of yoga that incorporates cardio is great for mind and body. Challenging, energizing with calming moments to breathe and relax. Thank you dear Ali 💕💕💕

  12. Molly Eisen Kerns, expressed so clearly what I have been thinking about during this series. As the days pass I can see or more like feel what has been missing from my practice. It’s not about suffering through hard poses and difficult classes, although we need not run away from challenges. … Intention and variety are essential. ❤️🙏🏾

  13. You know since yt now has similar as Google where you cannot bury ads for yourself in your own videos, Ali you should have a 4 second piece of your intro that's intro style with you on cam in an interesting, captivating yoga pose saying "join me at (name your website) for exclusive practice and flow with strength and ease" THEN people see an ad kind of sort of free.

    yt just ran a ad over the intro of your video and it made me think of it, just an idea

  14. Woo, this felt… YAY!! 😂 only class I’ve had to “skip” was Irony so today I did both and I feel energized and happy. It was challenging and easy at the same time. I feel the same as you about chair pose 😁 and just from these 20 something days I am seeing a lot of changes in my body already. But nothing compares to my mind and how I’m feeling more vs only rationalizing things.
    Ready for tmw! Yay! 🙌🏻🥰

  15. Ali you gave us times through day 25 but not beyond. Can you post times in comments so all of us can plan for the week? lol I like to sleep since on average I only get 6 hours and never all night thru with potty training going on right now since she is not allowed to wear diaper per doctor order. so I get 2 hours of sleep and then 4 if I'm lucky. 🙂 I know you can relate.

  16. This fire in my belly is incredible! The moment I thought, I couldn’t do any longer and maybe there would be a chair or a plank :-), you pushed us further and further. And surprisingly it was an amazing fun 😅
    I am soaked in sweat right now, but I adore this elasticity and warmth in my body.
    I hope, you are having a gorgeous Saturday full of love and light. Namaste, dear Ali 🙏🏼❤️

  17. This was a great yoga workout. I loved it. I see why we are thinking about our talents and what we can bring back to our community. Very interesting, I am positive that my healing of herbs and water is what I can brink back to the community. Love the hero's journey and the music.Flowing with strength and ease. The dog snoring was funny. Well she is on the journey with us. Lol 😂 thank you Ali Namaste

  18. THIS WAS PERFECT FOR ME Only modification I made was to do full V ups rather than half boat to increase the effort expended. I was thankful it was not an hour of down dog flows which my shoulder could not handle.

  19. Ali, this was such a wonderful class! You incorporate your signature moves of light cardio in with some more traditional yoga giving us that extra up the heart rate with stretching, alignment and connection. After twisty classes, your core focusing classes are my fav. I gotta say that my cousin tells me I have a tight booty and all I said was "It's an Ali class booty" So, thank you for my booty…lol….and thank you for incredibly beautiful challenging classes that are relatable, doable and energizing mood boostin love.

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