Terms of use

The terms and conditions described here govern the relationship between ANVEN LTD, hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER”, and any person using the online store www.healthylifestyler.net.

The Seller reserves the right to update and / or change the information on the online store, including the General Terms of Use, at any time without prior notice.

When ordering, the user automatically accepts the general terms and conditions of the online store www.healthylifestyler.net.

All listings on www.healthylifestyler.net are not a commercial offer under the Code of Civil Procedure. By the act of request with the button “ORDER” you only state that you want to receive the item to the address or office of the courier, and do not conclude a transaction with the company. The transaction is considered concluded only upon payment of the item.

The seller does not guarantee the availability of the announced models. The order can be canceled. Only accepted item is considered accepted, the price and data are correct and the availability of our online consultants is confirmed.

“USER” is any individual who has agreed to these Terms and Conditions and uses the online store to purchase products.

“ELECTRONIC SHOP” is the website www.healthylifestyler.com, which serves as a virtual platform for the purchase and sale of specific goods.

“ORDER” is a request made by the User to buy one or more products from an online store.

Courier is a merchant who physically delivers goods purchased by the Seller to an address specified by the User.

“BROCHURE / NOTICE” is an electronic message that is sent over a period of time for information about products sold in the online store.

The user can shop from the e-shop as a guest.
The user must fill in all the fields indicated in the QUICK ORDER column. In case of incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate data, www.healthylifestyler.net is not responsible for the incorrect performance of the contract.
The www.healthylifestyler.net Online Store may restrict access to a User’s services in view of his or her past behavior.
The consumer receives immediately an e-mail containing information about the order number, the date and time at which the order was placed, the payment method, the total value of the order. This e-mail confirms the order or the User is notified of the lack of the requested product.

The products displayed on the site are subject to sale and are described by type and brand. The e-shop www.healthylifestyler.net is not responsible for any differences in the colors of the purchased products due to specific settings on the computer screens. The application to purchase a product is considered to be the express consent of the consumer to the description of the product.

Orders in the online store www.healthylifestyler.net are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consultants’ opening hours at www.healthylifestyler.net are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Online consultations can be carried out only during the specified working hours on the announced telephone number or email.

Orders placed by 3:30 pm on weekdays, delivered on the next business day;
Orders placed after 3:30 pm are processed the next day;
Orders placed on Friday are delivered to your chosen address on Saturday or Monday (you specify the day that is convenient for you);
Orders placed on Friday after 3.30pm, Saturday and Sunday or during the official holidays of the UK will be processed in the next first working day.
The customer can cancel the order by calling or by e-mail: @gmail.com within the time stated above for the processing of orders. The user must indicate both the names with which he placed the order, the order number and the amount of the order.

The seller may unilaterally terminate a request in the following cases:

Inaccurate, incomplete or invalid information filled in by the User;
After a second unsuccessful order made by the User;
In case of damage by various types of actions on the e-shop;
All prices in the online store www.healthylifestyler.net are final and include VAT. Shipping costs are not included in this price.
The delivery price is paid by the User, when the order is executed, its value is stated, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the products as well as those for delivery without notifying the User in advance.
Payment for ordered products can be made by: Cash on delivery – by paying the Courier upon delivery of the request