Unboxing Gabriel Glas Gold & Coravin Model Two Elite: Ep 278

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Today, we’re unboxing the Gabriel Glas Gold Edition and the Coravin Model Two Elite. Welcome to the show. We’re going to do something a little bit different today. First, we are going to unbox our new Gabriel Glas Gold Edition. These are hand-blown glasses, some of the lightest on the market. At just over 90 grams, the Gold Edition is actually lighter than the Zalto glass. We want to thank Gabriel Glas International for sending us a set of 6 to be featured in our upcoming videos on the wines of Santa Barbara County.

Stay tuned to our videos because there will be a discount code for 15% off some Gabriel Glas stemware. Now we’re unboxing the Coravin Model Two Elite. We have used a Coravin Model Eight. That was the first one, in the past, and we really enjoyed it. Thanks to Coravin and Tilson PR for participating and sending us a trial unit to use in our upcoming video series. And see the 2 argon canisters right there. Let’s take a look here, we have a carrying case. Excellent. And I think a needle, yep, a needle cleaning device. Then we’re going to take a look at the Coravin Model Two Elite itself. The Model Two Elite has chrome accents, which makes it a little bit more stylish and trendier than the regular Model Two. So we had Coravin sent the silver edition. The Model Two Elite also features a faster-flow needle, a thin-walled needle that improves flow about 20%. Coravin also was nice enough to send us an aerator, which attaches to the spout here.

And acts as a turbo decanter actually. Take a look here. Unbox this. We’re excited to use this bad boy as well. All right, next is the screw cap. One of the arguments is Coravin didn’t work with screw cap in the past. These are two screw caps with the membrane item. I think Coravin says it allows 50 punctures per screw cap, and it keeps wines fresh for three months. They come here in two sizes. We’re looking forward to using some of that because we have over 70 different samples of wine from Santa Barbara County. So stay tuned to our videos and you’ll see the stuff in action. .

Exotic Wine Travel unboxing the Gabriel Glas Gold Edition, Hand Blown Glass and the Coravin Model Two Elite Wine Access System. We will be using both of these products in our upcoming series on the wines of Santa Barbara County. Discover rare wines and unique wine regions with us!

Thanks to Gabriel-Glas International and Coravin for providing test samples of their products.


Coravin Model II Elite (affiliate link)

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